The most important thing in communication is

to hear what isn't being said.
~ Peter Drucker


Take a look at some of the things I have done professionally! In the slide show I included photo's I made on the set, but also photo's from the photographer from Foute Vrienden.

Here you can see a few edits I made together with an
editor for a show called Klein Gespuis.

The video to the right shows a candid from the series
I helped film.

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When I was a kid I dreamed of being a television presenter. And although my dreams have slightly changed, the thought behind this dream stays the same. I still want to impact, entertain and inform viewers in The Netherlands or around the world. I know I can do this be by being a part of a great editorial team and together finetune and improve a program to engage and enthuse an audience.

I often hear my friends saying Television is dead. And, maybe, to some extent I believe this to be true. The endless stream of entertainment programs like real life soaps, scripted reality and game shows is becoming repetitive and outdated. In a world where on demand watching, piracy and new technology ask for a new approach, I think qualitative and innovative programming is the only way to stand out from the masses.

I'd love to attribute to that.

May it be in front of the camera, behind the scenes or in an editorial office.


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"I believe the changing television landscape brings exciting new challenges and opportunities"

My name is Tom Terwan. I am a 24-year old media and communications student from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Enthused by film en television, I always wanted to work in the world of television.

As a third year, I enrolled in a minor called “Television”. This minor offered me my first hands-on television experience, by producing studio programs, inventing formats, doing research and following lectures by television professionals. It was during this minor I first came in contact with a production company called BlazHoffski.

Here I worked here half a year, living in Mechelen. This  is  where BlazHoffski Belgium is located.

Within BlazHoffski Belgium I gained more experience than I ever dreamed of gaining. By allowing me to work closely with other employees and really deploying my workload among different projects needing different tasks, I was introduced to all the different aspects of television production.

They made me feel as a part of the team from day 1. I loved it there.


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These are the things that inspire and move me. These are the things that make me think, the things that motivate me and the things that drive me.


Stanley Kubrick might be the biggest inspirer. The tempo, shots, dialogues. Wonderful. Every single one of his movies.


One of the biggest inspirations to me. In a very profound way.

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